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REMINGTON Pistol Model “RP 9”, Cal. 9mm



The Remington RP9 is a striker-fired semi-automatic pistol featuring a 4.5" barrel and is chambered in 9mm.

Much more than a huge, double-stack magazine capacity, the new Remington RP9 embodies our engineers’ commitment to shoot-ability — designed end-to-end to deliver a level of shooter control and accuracy superior to every full-sized polymer-framed handgun on the market. So much so, it’d be a design marvel with a fraction of the capacity, but with 18 1 rounds at your absolute command, it equips you with the most demanding personal defense scenarios.


  • Smooth, light and crisp single-action trigger – consistent and smooth, with short tactile reset
  • Ergonomic polymer frame fits 95% of all shooters
  • Ambidextrous slide lock
  • “Fighting surface” on rear sight – for one-hand slide operation
  • Optimized grip angle – reduces felt recoil and increases shoot-ability
  • Trigger guard undercut – allows higher handhold for increased control
  • Drift adjustable sights – easily adjust sights to user preference
  • Easy loading, double-stack magazines – industry’s highest magazine capacity per caliber
  • PVD finish on slide and barrel for maximum durability

Remington RP9 Pistol

  • Caliber: 9 mm Luger ( P)
  • Magazine Capacity: 18
  • Trigger mechanism operation: Single Action Only
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Grips: Polymer
  • Sights: fixed
  • Overall length: 7.91 inches
  • Barrel length: 4.5 inches
  • Height: 5.56 inches
  • Width: 1.27 inches
  • Trigger pull: 5.5 – 7 lbs.
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