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SKU: TB-910
Water-resistant O-Ring seal *five section lid compartment for small tools*full size lift out tray *large comfortable handle*thick sidewall construction *Strong mechanical hinge*heavy duty latch *double padlock tabs *Perfect size for Stool in outdoor *Designed for stacking


  • 1. Portable style.
  • 2. Water-resistant O-ring seal.
  • 3. Designed for hunting and outdoor activities.
  • 4. Rugged polypropylene plastic which makes the case light weight and solid.
  • 5. Durable and heavy duty latch and reinforced bottom with thick side wall.
  • 6. Handle over 30 pounds of gear.
  • 7. Mould in stacking ridges for slip resistant stacking.
  • Application:
  • 1. For hunters to organize their gear by season.
  • 2. Boaters use them to hold emergency items and keep things away from moisture.
  • 3. Campers to easy carry their outdoor gear.
  • 4. Equestrians to take things with a lockable and lightweight box which is also very durable.
  • 5. Farmers to apply them as a best tool container.
  • 6. EMT's to serve as a first aid kit box.
  • 7. Military use.
  • 8. Dog training.
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