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SKU: 6034

For a smaller EDC with tactical style, Kershaw and Emerson Knives have teamed up to create the CQC series of knives that combine Kershaw’s precision engineering and Emerson’s functional design. With a variety of blade shapes and styles, the same great versatile cutting capability, ergonomic handles and solid blade lock up are not compromised. The stylish, sleek and fierce CQCs use a disc opener and Emerson wave-shaped tab for immediate blade deployment from the pocket seams, and CQCs allow for tip-up left or right-handed carry.

From a set of cooking knives to the CQC pocketknife series, Emerson and Kershaw have teamed up to provide knife enthusiasts high quality, dependable and reliable cutlery. The collaboration combines the precision engineering of Kershaw with Emerson’s uncompromising functional design. Emerson technology, such as a the wave-shaped opening feature, which is designed with Kershaw in mind.

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