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Earmor M20 Active Hearing Protectors in Orange color

Electronic hearing protectors from the renowned Earmor brand, the M20 model, are above all a very comfortable solution for hearing protection while shooting. The earplugs amplify ambient sounds and protect your ears in a variety of high-noise environments, without embarrassing the user or obstructing your aiming freedom in any way. In-ear protectors reduce sounds above 82 dB and significantly improve perception and communication in noisy environments, they are perfect for shooting ranges or other noisy places such as factories.

The protectors have a noise reduction index (NRR) of 22 dB and IPX-4 water resistance class, are characterized by a high, 8-hour battery life, with a low battery reminder and an automatic shutdown function after two hours of inactivity, which extends battery life . The set includes a charging case that allows you to charge the hearing protectors, after charging the headphones turn off automatically.

Together with the device, the user receives earpads and earplugs in three sizes, thanks to which the protectors can be better adjusted to the ears.


- lightweight and compact active hearing protectors

- intuitive one-button operation

- function informing the user about low battery condition

- automatic shutdown function after two hours of inactivity

- reduce noise above 82 dB

- noise reduction at the level of + NRR 22

- IPX-4 waterproof class

- possibility to work up to 8 hours

- automatic shutdown of protectors after 2 hours of inactivity

- Clear Voice Tracking technology, improves the recognition of the voice from the environment

- the set includes replaceable earbuds in three sizes for a better fit to the user's ears

- a charging case with a charging cable included in the set

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